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Kickapoo Kranberry

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Kickapoo Kranberry is a cranberry infused wine.  Cranberries have long been used as both a food and a natural remedy because of their high antioxidant and vitamin C levels.  Kickapoo Kranberry is sure to cure your hankering for the tart fruit.  Enjoy this wine as a refreshing treat, or as a accompaniment to a great turkey dinner. 

Kranberry Locator:
Garden Gate Florist - Abingdon, IL

Friar Tuck - Bloomington, IL

Creve Coeur Liquor - Creve Coeur, IL

Friar Tuck - Forsyth, IL

Mickie's Pizzeria - North Pekin, IL

Broadway Liquors - Pekin, IL

Friar Tuck - Peoria, IL
HY-VEE - Peoria, IL
Pottstown Deli (Metro Centre) - Peoria, IL
Schnuck's - Peoria, IL

Alwan & Sons Meat Co - Peoria Heights, IL
Super Liquors - Peoria Heights, IL

Friar Tuck - Savoy, IL

Lindy's Downtown Market - Washington, IL

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